Mercedes V Class vs Ford Tourneo Custom

Chauffeur Operators across the UK are debating which is the best chauffeur multi purpose vehicle to purchase. We operate both and would like to share our thoughts which is the best UK chauffer people carrier available. They both seat 8 people, have optional seating plans and leather interior, so what is the difference?

Mercedes are currently launching the 2019 V Class Range. This is a facelifted model which widely remains unchanged. The vehicle comes with two seating options. A 6 seat (2 rear bench option) or a 5 seat version (2 Captains chairs, table and 3 seat bench). The ride is smooth, build quality high and kudos rating comes with a 10 out of 10. I love driving this vehicle. We operate the V250 Extra Long model which has a smooth automatic gearbox, sleek leather interior and electrically operated doors. The rear privacy glass ensures that your guests are discreet in their approach and the luggage space in the extra long body is cavernous. The cost is high but so to is the build quality and the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true.

So, why opt for anything else?

Well, the Ford Tourneo Titanium X is also a superb vehicle too. The cost is a tad below ¬£35,000 bringing the vehicle below the government threshold for increased road tax on new vehicles. It comes with a manual or automatic gear box, leather conference seating, USB charging points, Apple car play, an 8 inch driver display screen, heated seats and air conditioning. The Ford is an adapted vehicle rather than the purpose build people carrier but that said, clients have commented ‘this is the best people carrier I’ve ever been in’ and ‘Lovely’. Ford have added small touches allowing you to drop the centre seats and provide a table for guests in the back, added lots of storage space and privacy glass with blinds.

It is no surprise that the main difference is the pricing point. Running the Ford is far cheaper than a Mercedes and allows a reduced rate for a very similar service. If you are looking to entertain high end clients then the luxury Mercedes is a perfectly aligned to roll into Royal Ascot. If you are travelling to Gatwick with the family, then the business class Ford is more than adequate.

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